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At E. A. S. E. Equine Assisted Self Exploration™
Carla Staats, MA, LCDC, CAP, EAP, CTT

“At EASE really made you think about how your actions affect the world around you.”- a participant

The At E.A.S.E. program is an acronym to describe the goal and the action, Equine Assisted Self Exploration™. We are learning about ourselves, including our emotional and behavioral responses, with the aid of horses. The horses have much to teach us about living in the moment. We can see immediately the result of our approach to situations and other beings through their authentic, non-judgmental feedback. At E.A.S.E. sessions are a solution based approach set in motion with horses to aid individuals in exploring their “self talk”, or thoughts during exercises, that naturally bring the emotions to the surface, allowing the thinking and doing to be examined in the moment. It is this thinking that drives the emotions and behaviors that can be problematic to the function of the individual. If these thoughts are openly expressed and examined, there is an opportunity to replace them with more rational thoughts and solution producing behaviors. This exercise provides an oppertuinity to build Emotional Intelligence. Participants are able to see their responses clearly in the moment and thus examine the effectiveness in other areas of their life. This promotes learning more productive responses to potentially destructive emotions and behaviors.

At E.A.S.E. sessions are on a level playing field with the horse. With our feet on the ground as theirs are, it allows us to be our authentic selves and build trust. Being eye to eye mirrors human relationships, versus the dynamic of the rider-mount relationship.

The Horse: The horse’s innate ability to sense that which is incongruent between the outward self and the inner self creates a powerful tool for self-exploration and adjustment. The further the gap between these two aspects of ourselves the greater the disharmony within self and our core relationships. The size, power and ability to mirror what human body language communicates renders the horse the perfect teacher. Equine herds, like human families, units and teams are interdependent.Because horses are prey animals, survival depends upon their ability to discern truths about their immediate environment. This imperative demands inherent honesty.

At E.A.S.E utilizes the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association "EAGALA" model. These sessions are offered to individuals, couples and groups in a two hour weekly, or full day workshop/retreats format, for the family and/or service members. Call to schedule a session.