W.O.W. At E.A.S.E. are retreats, workshops at Quantum Leap Farm and support groups for Women of Warriors with visible and invisible combat injuries, i.e., PTSD and TBI

Quantum Leap Farm’s At E.A.S.E. (Equine Assisted Self Exploration) program hosts W.O.W. (Women of Warriors) retreats. The focus is on education, support and self exploration. These are attended by Women of Warriors whose husband’s injuries include PTSD and TBI. These wonderful women come all over the United States, as far as Hawaii and California to attend and enjoy the beautiful sights and healing grounds of Quantum Leap Farm.These women who serve our country by caring for our injured service-members come to us weary, exhausted and isolated. They leave rejuvenated, empowered and connected. W.O.W. At EASE retreats have been in conjunction with SOCOM at MacDill AFB and sponsored by Operation Home Front.

Women of Warriors
At EASE Retreats at Quantum Leap Farm and Support Groups

Check out these three blog excerpts from a participant in a W.O.W. At E.A.S.E. Retreat at Quantum Leap Farm:

Living with PTSD and TBI: Women of Warriors Retreat: Gone to the Horses




Support Groups forming in areas led by attendees/participants in the retreats. First WOW At Ease Support Group, in Tennessee, to be coordinated by Kat Honaker, author of blog above. See her blog and Contact Kat's site for more information.

WOW! Also describes them in their courage and conviction to love and care for their husbands who have served our country and continue to sacrifice each day for the sake of these brave men.

For more see Counseling and Trauma Resolution- Group Counseling

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Feedback from a Wounded Warriors' Wives Retreat at Quantum Leap Farm

From Savannah:
Hi ,   My homecoming was wonderful!  It was nice to get away but great to get back to John and the kids.  He did an awesome job holding down the fort and I’m so proud of Him!  It truly was good for all of us so thank you, thank you, thank you!
I had a great time in Tampa and I feel so much better about our situation!  My favorite part was talking to all the ladies and sharing what’s going on in our lives.  It was such a beautiful, relaxed setting and the ladies from the ranch were wonderful!  There was also so much helpful information from all the speakers.  Even though I have tried to educate myself about John’s issues, the Speakers explained things in a way that made sense.  The whole weekend was filled with “ah-ha” moments for me!  I really hope we can continue to do things like this!   You have all changed our lives and we can’t thank you enough!

From a Ranger’s Advocate in the Care Coalition:
I received a call from a Service member today thanking us for inviting his wife to the TBI/PTSD Spouse’s retreat this past weekend.  He said that when she returned home she had a completely different attitude and understood more about what his is going through.  He said that their marriage was on the brink of divorce but the retreat gave them a chance for a fresh start.  This retreat came at a critical time for them and was completely life changing.  He is eternally grateful.

From the Spouse of a Marine:
I just wanted to say how nice it was to meet all of you today.  I’ve been in this boat alone – not knowing anyone else who  has gone down the same path.  It was comforting to hear your stories of similarity and I hope over time we can help each other with ideas, resources or simply support.  It will be powerful coming from any of you knowing that we all truly understand the challenges in our lives.  Thank you for organizing a wonderful weekend and for inviting me.

From a Spouse:
My 5y/o daughter attended the kids portion of the retreat , had so much fun and has been so helpful with her Dad since the retreat.  She reminds us that “daddy’s brain is in pieces and it is trying to reconnect” as she so sweetly puts it.  The weekend really helped our family!